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"Claire from Tax Grind's ability to communicate complicated tax concepts in a simple and concise manner is incredibly effective.

Also the detailed notes and comprehensive book she provides as part of her weekend revision courses are great resources to use throughout study leave.

I attended CAP2 and FAE revision courses and I have consistently recommended Claire McNamara from Tax Grinds to friends and colleagues as the go to person for those wishing to excel in their chosen professional qualification."
Liam McHugh
FAE and CAP 2 - Chartered Accountants Ireland

If anyone is looking to do a professional qualification exam in Tax, I would advice them to look no further than Claire’s tax grinds. Having recently passed my FAE exams, I can say with certainty that it was the best decision I took.

Claire structured her classes in such a way that all complex and important portions were covered and she has this ability to make you understand difficult areas with ease.

She also doesn’t over crowd her classes and hence, all students received the individual attention that was required.

Having attended her two day revision course , it helped to save about a month of my own preparation time.

The best part is Claire also provided a textbook written by her which had worked out examples and this also served as a handy reference guide during the exams.

I cannot thank Claire enough for helping me pass and if you are looking for tax grinds , don’t think twice, just enroll in her classes.
Madhu Haridas
FAE Tax Core - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I attended grinds with Claire in Tax Grinds for my final Chartered Tax exam . With her guidance and expertise I passed with flying colours. Claire showed me how to focus and use my knowledge effectively and professionally be to a confident tax professional. I would highly recommend Tax Grinds to any other students studying tax.
Julie Ní Caomhánach
Part 3 CTA (Irish Tax Institute)

I would highly recommend Claire in Tax Grinds to anyone sitting CPA P2 Advanced Tax. I found the course very well structured and covering the most important areas of the syllabus over two weekend days. The notes are summarised in a book, giving a great synopsis for exam preparation. Claire is a dedicated lecturer and a brilliant coach, making studying tax easy. Her exam technique advice was invaluable.

I can say without a hesitation that I would not have passed this exam without this revision.

Claire will not only set you up for a pass but for a success - 71% in my case.
Anna Grunder
2016 First Place - P2 (Advanced Taxation) CPA

Claire's grinds are a must for anyone sitting the FAE Advanced Taxation exam.

I found Claire's notes, course manual and her way of teaching to be excellent and very comprehensive.
The smaller class sizes allowed for individual attention when required.

I will definitely be recommending Tax Grinds to my colleagues sitting Tax exams.
Joe Walsh
FAE (Chartered Accountants Ireland) - 2019

I passed the ACCA P.6 exam following a two day revision course with Taxgrinds.ie

I had been having a lot of difficulty with this course and in particular going through the past exam questions where I couldn't work out where they'd got their answers from.  After this two day course I had a much better idea of how to interpret the exam questions and to work out how much information to write in my answers.  The practice questions that come as part of this course are a great way to improve your exam technique.  Often I would write what I thought was a great answer and only when I read through the corrections would I realise just how much I was leaving out.  In the beginning I was really doubting whether or not I was up to the standard but after finishing a couple of practice questions I could really see where I was going wrong and more importantly how to change that.  Going in to the exam I was quietly confident and the exam went my way but I know I wouldn't have had a chance of passing if I hadn't done this course.

I can't thank Taxgrinds.ie enough for getting me through this gruelling exam.
Keith Mooney

Excellent Course - wouldn't have passed without it.

Patrick O'Brien

I would highly recommend Claire in Tax Grinds, to anyone sitting ACA exams. I attended her courses for CAP2 and FAE’s. I found the revision course and the book extremely well structured and it covered the main topics of the syllabus. The questions and solutions provided by Claire were relevant and concise. Claire is a fantastic & dedicated lecturer, her advice and exam technique is invaluable. After attending the two day revision course each time I was confident that I would succeed in this exam.
Andrew Livingston
FAE Tax Core and CAP 2

"I would highly recommend Claire to anyone sitting the FAE exams. I can confidently say that this course was the difference between me passing and failing. The two day course covered all aspects of the tax syllabus and undoubtedly increased my confidence with regards to the tax indicators. She provides you with her own notes and questions/solutions which came in vital on the day of the exams.

For the best chance to pass the tax indicators in FAE I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Claire - her professional, yet friendly way of teaching is second to none."
Conor Hand
FAE (Chartered Accountants Ireland)

I did the 2 day revision course with Claire for Acca P6. I found it an invaluable help for passing the exam first time. By focusing on some of the harder aspects of the course it reduced the amount of personal study that I had to do. Of particular benefit was the book which I received during the course.
Shane O'Connor
ATX - ACCA (Formerly P6)

I would highly recommend Claire in Tax Grinds to anyone sitting all levels of the ACA exams. I found the one on one grinds extremely helpful and the available revision courses very well structured, covering the most important areas of the syllabus and clearly explaining all aspects of tax.

Claire is very dedicated and helpful to those who find Tax in anyway difficult. Her methodology, use of relatable examples and involvement in explanations really broke down the course, making studying tax a lot easier and understandable. Her guidance on exam techniques was certainly the best advice I've ever received and was invaluable for my exams.

Without Claire's help in CAP2 and FAE levels I would not have achieved my goal of becoming a qualified accountant. My overall experience has been fantastic and, as I've said earlier, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in the subject
Gianni Cafolla
FAE Core - Chartered Accountants Ireland

Claire is by far the best teacher I have had throughout my Chartered accountancy studies. While her knowledge is superb I was particularly impressed by her ability to relay her knowledge in simple terms while focusing on exam technique and what the examiners want to see. I struggled to pass the FAE Tax Elective when I went to Claire and through her exam focused technique of teaching and encouragement I finally got to the finish line of these exams.

The revision course is intensive but so worth it. You will learn more in one day with Claire then you will in a month of studying by yourself. She is fantastic at giving you tips and tricks to understand the exam questions and spends 98% of her course going through questions and how to pull the information from them and how to structure your answer. The course book she gives your will become your tax bible!

I cannot fully put into words how happy I am to have finally passed my exams and how grateful I am to Claire for all her support along my journey. She is absolutely amazing and you will be missing out and making your study leave far more difficult than it needs to be if you do not go to Claire.
Susan Russell
FAE Tax Elective - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I failed ACCA P6 in December sitting and was repeating again in June although I was attending classes in a college I needed more help and found tax grinds. Claire was extremely helpful from the start called me before I enrolled and explained what would be covered etc. The two days were intense but Claire went at a steady pace and explained everything so clear. I wasn't sure what to expect coming here as I was afraid I would get confused between what Claire would teach and what I had learned in college but it was the opposite in fact Claire covered stuff that I never even knew about!  Not only was she a great lecturer but she also helped with my confidence too having 2 young kids and a full-time job I wasn't confident in passing but Claire encouraged me all the way even after the weekend course answered all my annoying emails and helped me with questions etc. I would highly recommend tax grinds as I can honestly say I would not have passed in June if it wasn't for Claire. 
Ciara Glynn

I would highly recommend Claire in Tax Grinds, to anyone sitting the CPA P2 Advanced Taxation exam. I found the revision course and the book extremely well structured and it covered the main topics of the syllabus. The questions and solutions provided by Claire were relevant and concise. Claire is a fantastic & dedicated lecturer, her advice and exam technique is invaluable. After attending the two day revision course I was confident that I would succeed in this exam. Without Claire's help I would not have passed my CPA P2 Advanced Taxation exam. I am eternally grateful to Claire for getting me through this exam.
Patricia O'Brien
CPA P2 (Advanced Taxation)

I would highly recommend Claire. She is without doubt the best teacher, explainer and communicator I have ever experienced. Her knowledge of tax and the way she can relay and explain it to you in simple terms is excellent. I struggled to pass my final FAE Tax Elective exam. Claire's method of teaching is completely focused on exam technique and nailing this to succeed in passing. Her notes are so concise but really she spends 99% of the class doing exam questions and learning the technique to pass. You'll learn more in a day with Claire than you would if you studied hard for 3 weeks as she knows the simple and obvious tricks and pointers in the case study to help you answer the indicator. Whenever I had any question I would email Claire and she always responded so promptly with a clear direct answer. I really can't recommend her highly enough. Finally, as well as being a great teacher, Claire makes you believe in yourself. If you're a person who stresses over exams, the pressure to pass and the shear pressure of just sitting the paper for 4 plus hours, well you need to go to Claire. I found it so hard to believe that I could pass but with Claire's help she made me believe. And she did this by reiterating the exam technique, focusing on what I knew, and literally telling me to imagine myself at my graduation. It worked. And today I finally passed and I'm so happy and it's all down to Claire and her help. She is amazing and I wouldn't think twice about going to her. You're missing out if you do and making your study time off a whole lot harder.
Ali O'Connor
FAE Tax Elective (Chartered Accountants Ireland)

I completed a series of Revision Courses with taxgrinds.ie and am happy to say I passed all four exams in the one sitting.  I couldn't have done it without the excellent notes, workshop style classes and back up support right up to the exams.
Mark O'Sullivan
Chartered Tax Advisers Qualification - Irish Tax Institute

For anyone studying Taxation at any level, I couldn't recommend Claire highly enough.
I only heard about her by chance and would safely say I would struggle to have ever passed the CPA Advanved Taxation exam without her.
Claire is a gifted and completely dedicated professional who goes way above the call of duty to ensure each of her students passes.
Her two day revision course and self-published manual are completely geared towards the exam and breaks down difficult theory into understandable and easily read material
Doing her course greatly increases and next to ensures any Tax students chances of passing their exam
Thanks for everything Claire.
Darren McGirl
P2 CPA (Advanced Tax)

I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. She puts so much effort into each and everyone of her students and preparing us with the confidence and tools required to do your best in any tax exams. I'll be forever grateful for helping me pass my advanced tax elective with Chartered Accountants Ireland. Claire is definitely the go to person to help you achieve your qualifications
Jade Davitt
FAE (Tax Elective) - Chartered Accountants Ireland (ACA)

Claire is an amazing teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone sitting the professional tax papers. I sat the CPA advanced taxation exam in April and without doubt i would have failed it without her help. She has a great way of explaining the complex tax issues in a manner which makes it simple to understand. I couldn't be more grateful to her for not only getting me over the line, but getting me a very high and unexpected result. Thank you Claire.
Ciara Power
CPA P.2 (Advanced Taxation)

I attended the two day intensive FAE Core revision course last July. I chose this course because I was feeling overwhelmed by the case study approach when answering tax indicators, and it had been over a year since I sat a tax exam so my technical knowledge was a little rusty.

Prior to attending this course I was asked to send a list of areas that I wanted covered/needed help with and found this extremely useful in narrowing down troublesome areas. I think this also helped dictate the amount of time spent on the various areas, as the course could be tailored to suit individual needs. All the key areas from the competency statement were covered and we were showed the best approach to actually answering the tax indicators. The notes provided were very informative and well suited to the open book exam.

The course is very intensive and fast paced (think 3 years of material fit into 2 days!) so be prepared to focus, take notes and if you get confused ask questions.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone sitting the FAE Core exams, I am so glad I did as I was able to get through the tax indicators very quickly and with the confidence that I was obtaining the marks needed.
Anita Keogh
FAE Core (Tax) - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I highly recommend Claire. She's an amazing teacher and really breaks down the syllabus and makes it very understandable and relatable. I attended Claire's revision weekend for CPA Prof 2 Advanced Tax and I can honestly say that she is the reason I passed the exam. I am so grateful for all her help. She's also extremely motivating and encouraging and helps her students continuously after the revision course right up to the exam. I never imagined I'd do so well in this exam and it's all thanks to her. Thank you Claire!
Charlene Kearns
CPA P.2 - Advanced Taxation

I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. I would always refer anyone struggling with the tax elective or core tax in FAE’s to get in touch with Claire.

The 2-day revision course is excellent – concise, clear and everything you need to know to pass the exams.

The course manual that Claire provides outlines all the key information on each of the topics and detailed examples with a step by step guide on how to approach specific questions.
Claire goes through a smart technique you can apply to all questions to help you reach competent and even highly competent.

Claire also offers a correction service, which I found invaluable. After submitting my solutions for correction, Claire would get back to me straight away providing excellent constructive feedback on how to improve my approach and exam technique. This helped me apply a much more focused method to each question and helped me feel much more confident that I was addressing the key aspects of the question and in enough depth.

I just passed both FAE Core (green in tax) and FAE Tax (ROI) Elective today, and I am now thinking of doing the AITI CTA qualification as I feel much more confident in my approach to tax which is all down to Claire showing me the correct exam technique and guiding me to reach my full potential through consistent feedback.

I would most highly recommend Tax Grinds to anyone doing tax exams, the concise exam technique and approach will most definitely help you pass any tax exams.
Aisling McCaffrey
FAE - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I cannot recommend Claire's course enough. Her teaching style, notes were all so much help. I travelled from Limerick for the course and felt it was definitely worth it. The notes were a huge help in the exam. Thanks again Claire.
Jean O'Donovan
FAE (Tax Elective ) ACA - Chartered Accountants Ireland

Cannot recommend Claire highly enough she is an absolutely fantastic teacher. I attended the two day intensive course for the FAE. The two day course was fantastic, I learned so much tax from Claire in those two days. Her knowledge on tax is second to none. The notes she hands out are excellent and the course is by far the best I have been on. The way Claire teaches, she is able to transfer her knowledge to the student and the information stays with you.

I have just passed my FAE exams and Claire definitely help me with this success.

If anyone is looking for a tax course I would not go to anywhere else but Claire, her classes are fantastic and worth every penny.

Thanks again Claire.
Rachel Concarr
FAE - Chartered Accountants Ireland

Absolutely worth it if doing FAE tax elective!
Gemma Davis
Chartered Accountants Ireland - FAE Tax Elective

During the 2 day course we caught up to speed with the majority of the course paying particular attention to more common areas where prior year exam questions were asked. Claire really knows her stuff and puts it across to students in a simple and effective manner. She gave us approach techniques for exam answers and a study plan which utilised my whole study leave. In the period after the course and before the exam I emailed Claire a couple of times with various queries on previous exam questions and she always replied swiftly with a detailed and clear explanation. I went into the exam with great confidence and passed comfortably. The course definitely made life a lot easier and I would say doing it is worth every penny and more!
Kieron Domican

I cannot recommend Claire's programs enough.  They really got me through tax from CAP 2 to FAE.
Terry McGrenagh
FAE Tax Core and CAP 2

I could not recommended Claire highly enough. I resat CPA advanced tax in April and I wish I'd attended her revision weekend for my first sitting. She not only has an amazing ability to teach tax but also builds your confidence in your ability to pass. I believe all my P2 exams would have benefited from that weekend with Claire. I'm positive that it's down to her support and assistance that I secured much more than a "comfortable pass". Thank you again.
Therese Ni Mhachain
P.2, CPA Advanced Taxation Exam

I contacted Claire in a panic three months prior to the exam. After 4 Years without sitting an exam I decided to go back and complete my finals at the P2 Stage.

I attended the intensive revision prior to the exam in April. The course provided was very well structured and Claire presented us with a book of notes which covered every aspect that came
up in the exam. 

Claire outlined to me how to approach the exam and how to understand what was being asked as well as the proper structure in implementing my answers accordingly. Claire gave me the belief and
confidence needed to pass the exam as I was quite apprehensive due to being out of the examination process for so long.

I was delighted with my Advanced Taxation Result and would highly recommend Tax Grinds to anyone looking to pass this exam.
Patrick Kelly
P.2, CPA Advanced Taxation Exam

Attended the ACCA P6 revision course with Claire for the June '16 exam sitting.

First time sitting and with a first time passI owe a huge thanks to Claire.

Claire was extremely professional and enthusiastic right from the initial contact. Course textbook was provided in advance so that you could review it before the revision weekend.

The revision weekend was attended by < 20 students which allowed for good discussion and plenty of opportunity to raise questions where necessary.

The two days were extremely intensive but very much worthwhile.

The focus of the course is on the more difficult areas of the syllabus.

As a successful tax advisor herself, Claire brings a wealth of experience and imparts interesting real world examples to make the course material relevant.

Overall I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to pass this exam
Kevin Mellett

I attended Claires two day revision course for the CAP 2 Tax Exam and found it incredibly helpful. Claire teaches in a clear concise manner explaining everything thoroughly to ensure you properly understand it while also providing invaluable exam technique advice.

Claire also maintains small class sizes to ensure all students received the individual attention that was required.

Her detailed notes and comprehensive book provided as part of the weekend revision courses were great resources and allowed me to greatly reduce my study time.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone sitting the CAP 2 or FAE Tax Elective exams. Doing her course gives you a great opportunity to not only pass the exams but obtain very high marks.

Thank you very much Claire!
Conor Curran
CAP 2 Exam - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I cannot recommend Claire's revision course highly enough. I went to the advanced tax CPA revision course in July after 3 different people recommended Claire's courses to me. It definitely got me over the line in the August exam.

The two day course was intense but brilliant. She gave a great way to structure your answers in the exam and tips to pick up extra marks along the way.

Any areas which were covered were covered in great detail with loads of examples and questions. The notes/manual which were given were easy to understand and to follow, and she gave loads of questions to take home with you for your own revision.

The revision course and the notes which I received in the course definitely passed the exam for me and it was money well spent.

I would recommend Tax Grinds to anyone who wants to pass their tax exams.
Joanne Hennessy
CPA P2 Advanced Tax

I cannot recommend Tax Grinds enough.  Without the revision course and the manual I know I wouldn't have passed the FAEs.  I was particularly impressed at how difficult areas such as Reconstructions and Amalgamations, VAT on Property, Discretionary Trusts, Groups, Close Companies, Losses and Cash Extraction methods could be made so understandable.  I had spent hour after hour trying to understand these topics and ended up just being more confused by them which was why I decided to sign up for this course and it was without doubt the best money I ever spent.

The two day revision course is very intensive but if flies by.  It's hard to believe eight hours of tax per day could be made interesting but it is.  It's clear that Claire knows how to teach because she breaks every topic into small manageable segments and slowly builds up your knowlege without you knowing it.  Suddenly you're looking at exam questions but this time you know what the Examiner is expecting from you.

I delighted to say that I'm now a qualified Chartered Accountant and I believe the credit for getting me across the line with advanced tax is all down to Tax Grinds and in particular Claire. 

Thank you very much.

James Ryan
ACA - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I completed a revision course with taxgrinds.ie and found it to the best revision course around.  Tax was never my strongest subject which meant I really struggled at it.  Within the last few months coming up to the exams I knew I was running out of time and hadn't covered half the course in anything like the detail for a decent pass.  A couple of friends who had passed first time recommended taxgrinds so I signed up.  The best part of the course was that it made everthing seem very doable.  Nothing was that hard when you thought about it.  We then looked at simulations and how to make sure you brought all the taxes into play.  Before this course I'd have been pleased enough with just being on the right track.  After the course I knew that I had to include the right amount of detail and it had to relate to the information in the sim.  If I hadn't done this course I think I'd be still sitting the FAEs because when I think back I really didn't have a clue about what I was doing.  The two days was very full and we covered so much without realising it.  It was only when I went home and started to write up the notes I'd taken that I realised just how much work we'd actually done.  The main areas I wouldn't have touched and hoped for the best with would have been VAT on Property and Reconstructions & Amalgamations.  We spent a good bit of time on these areas and in the end apart from just rereading the notes I really understood them.  The exams were tough but I was confident enough that the mind maps and planning I did before I started writing my answer was going to get me over the line.  By thinking about the question first and not just diving in with the first thought in my head I saved myself a lot of time and didn't have to go back and cross out sentences like I normally did.  At the end of the day I passed all my exams comfortably and can honestly say I wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't done the two day revision course.
Eugene O'Reilly
FAE - Chartered Accountants Ireland

Despite studying extremely hard I think I would have struggled to pass the Advanced Taxation exam had I not attended this revision weekend.

The syllabus for tax is vast but Claire broke the course down into the most topical areas and provided excellent templates which I kept referring to on the day of the exam.

I felt I provided the examiner with structured and straight to the point answers rather than pages of waffle which I had a tendancy of doing - the result I got proves that and Claire's revision weekend played a major part in it.

I would have no problem in recommending this revision weekend to anyone doing any tax exams - its well worth it.
Hazel Lavery
P2 (Advanced Taxation) CPA

After failing the Audit Elective twice I was at a bit of a cross roads. I decided to switch to the Tax Elective and in early January 2015 I contacted Taxgrinds.ie and told them of my situation. They instantly gave me tips on how to prepare for the exam. I can't thank Claire enough because there's no doubt that all her help got me the result I wanted -  I got in the top 10% which I'm delighted with. The weekend course was of great benefit and value and the materials provided were excellent.  Following the actual course, any queries I came across in my studies all I had to do was contact Taxgrinds and they answered them in a quick and concise manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Tax Grind course to anyone.

Thanks for everything Claire.
Alan Deacy
FAE (Tax Elective ) ACA - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I recently took a two day course with Taxgrinds.ie in preparation for a repeat sitting of the FAE elective paper. The course was excellent in preparing me for the exam, and in particular I found the method of how to approach case study type questions to be very helpful. I got a better understanding of how to link and address all tax heads when answering the questions and not just to think of each tax head in isolation. The notes were also extremely useful and contained all the information I needed in a well laid out manner. Thanks Claire!
Paul Eglington
FAE (Tax Elective) - Chartered Accountants Ireland (ACA)

Attending Tax revisions lessons really gave me the confidence I needed to pass. After getting just 20% on my final exam I was left hopeless and still could not get my head around the subject. Fortunately a family member got in touch with Claire who I cannot thank enough for her help. I finally felt like someone understood where I was coming from and was able to approach the difficulties I was having.

The lessons were in a calm and relaxed environment there was no emphasis on the need to get great marks as compared to College and therefore allowed me to focus primarily on the pass as well as keep the stress levels to a minimum enabling me to study better which lead to me getting above the 40% pass rate.

The Impact Claire has had on my motivation and her encouragement is really inspiring, she is a great inspiration to me regarding the push to work hard to achieve goals as well as studying, She not only helped me pass my exam but also gave me an insight into how rewarding hard work can be and that has given me the drive to continue the hard work and the methods of study as practiced.

I appreciate all the hard work Claire has put into helping me achieve great results, if it was not for her I would be repeating my year.

I cannot recommend her enough as I wouldn’t be where I am today and cannot stress how important it is to get the help needed before it’s too late”
Lauren Hodgins
Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Business with Law

I transferred to the ACCA qualification due to its flexibility which suited my work committments at the time.

I had opted for home study which initially appeared to be the most effective option with, what I believed, to be all the relevant material supplied.

It transpired that all the relevant material had not been supplied giving rise to serious gaps in my tax knowledge.

I attended the two day revision course with taxgrinds.ie following some surprisingly bad exam results and following this course I couldn't believe how unprepared I had been for my previous exams sittings.  

This two day intensive revision course centred on problem solving, detailed tax knowledge at an advanced level, tax planning and strategies and all the other tools necessary to pass the P6 ACCA paper which were completely missing from the home study options.  

I'm delighted and relieved to say that I have passed the P6 ACCA exam which was certainly due in no small part to the guidance, information and support I received from taxgrinds.ie
David Murphy

I'd been to a number of A.C.C.A. Tax Revision Courses and found that I couldn't get my head around certain areas of tax.  I didn't feel confident with certain terminology because I wasn't working in the area of tax so when it came to understanding particular terms and expressions in an exam question I knew I wasn't on the right track with my answers.  Up to this point I was writing pages and pages of answers but I wasn't really hitting the main points. After a weekend Revision Course with Tax Grinds here in the city centre I felt I'd a much better handle on the technical tax points and I knew what the examiner was looking for and how to get my points across.  The most useful tip I got from this Revision Course was to put myself in the shoes of the main character in the exam question.  By doing that you really understand the questions you're being asked, the tax consequences you want and how the Anti-Avoidance legislation might stop you from getting those results as well as any reliefs or exemptions you could claim to keep your tax liabilities as low as possible.  This was the first time I stopped treating tax as just an academic subject and really understood it.  Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you.
Margaret Murphy

"I got my result and passed with flying colours. I would like to Thank Claire for all her help. Having failed this exam before, I was dreading the paper as I felt I knew a lot of the information and couldn't understand how I got so close but didn't pass. From the revision course I did, I learnt how to actually answer the question I was being asked and I gained confidence in Tax and doing the paper again. I would highly recommend this course to people, especially to people who have sat the paper before and are failing, you will learn here why you failed and will be able to tackle the paper head on next time."
Aileen Mannion

I heard of Tax Grinds from friends of mine who had gone to Claire for a revision course and they simply told me " If you want to pass tax you go to Claire"

I cannot recommend the 2 day revision course highly enough - it was excellent from start to finish.

The course manual that Claire provided was very clear and easy to understand.

Even after the course I was able to send Claire some questions and she would reply straight away with very constructive feedback which will improve your exam technique.

I would recommend Tax Grinds to anyone who wants to pass their tax exams
Peter O'Dwyer
P.2, CPA Advanced Taxation Exam

I completed a weekend revision course with Tax Grinds without which I know I would not have passed my FAEs.  I found the notes to be excellent and the way in which the course was prepared and presented meant that I didn't get lost or left behind at any stage over the two full days.  The Lecturer was very approachable and answered all our questions as they arose in a clear and easy to understand way.  There were plenty of short breaks throughout the day which meant we didn't get too tired and loose concentration something which I have done on previous courses.  I wasn't tempted to leave early because I found the course to be so helpful and informative.  The course was 100% exam focused and I really felt confident going into the exam.  This was the best course I ever did and I'm happy to recommend it to everyone.
Thomas Burke
FAE - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I just want to thank Taxgrinds.ie for all your encouragement, time and patience coming up to the exam.  I had a much better understanding of how to approach questions and was able to use the technique I learned for all the other exams.  I am delighted to say I passed and I'm very glad to write this small review for you because this was definitely as a result of the great two day course.
Michael Lynch
Chartered Accountants Ireland

Thank you so much for your help, I would not have passed this exam without you.  I felt at a loss as to how to tackle this paper as it has been over 10 years since I did a tax exam.  I struggled with forming a study plan but after one conversation with you I felt a lot more focused and able to move forward.  After attending the weekend revision course I came out and felt that I would be comfortable with any question that appeared on the paper.  I have done really well and am really pleased with my results.  I would highly recommend this revision course.

Thanks again for all your help.
Caroline Collins
CPA (Certified Public Accountants)

I could not recommend Claire more to anyone studying tax exams. I was studying CPA P2 advanced tax and had failed the April sitting. With Claire's 2 day revision course she was able to break down the course in detail and explain in real and simple terms each tax head that was relevant for the exam. She also gives a fantastic book with practical and useful examples for the exam which aided you once you went home to study after the class. She will always answer any email you have no matter how many times you need the answer to a tax question { which I had to do a lot} . Without Claire's advice and guidance I can safely say I would not have passed this exam !
Marie Halpin
CPA P2 Advanced Taxation

The first time I sat this exam I got 49% and was naturally very disappointed but was convinced I'd pass on the next sitting.   By the time I got to the third sitting I only got 35% so I really started to panic.  I'd tried everything from full courses to revision courses to studying on my own and even though I thought I was getting better after all the work I was putting in, my results showed otherwise.  I just couldn't work out where I was going wrong.  I went to a weekend course with taxgrinds.ie and couldn't believe how much I learnt.  Before the first break I knew exactly where I was going wrong.  By the end of the two days I was absolutely exhausted but for the first time I knew how much to put into an exam question.  It was like a light was turned on and I couldn't work out how I managed to get 49% the first time round because I just wasn't giving anything like the amount of detail I should have.  The notes for this course were very well explained and gave detail you'd normally overlook or wouldn't think was all that important when by not taking it in to consideration your exam answer would be completely on the wrong track.  I slaved away for the next exam and felt much better about my chances of passing.  The exam itself was totally different from every other exam I've ever sat because for the first time I read the question through first and re-read it and looked for the most important words and phrases then I structured my answer before I even started to answer it.  I didn't waste time crossing sections out or going back through the exam question to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything .  I knew if I followed the template we'd gone over I'd be sure to cover the main points.  The morning of the results was one of the best days of my life.  I'd have been happy with a bare pass but the results were better than I'd ever hoped for.  I can't thank taxgrinds.ie enough for all the help and encouragement they gave me because I just know I wouldn't have passed these exams without them and I don't know if I'd have had the will to try a fifth time.
Deirdre O'Connor
ACCA - Certified Accountants Exam

Thanks very much - I thought the course was brilliant and really worthwhile.  Up to now l felt like I knew the subject but that it has all been floating around in my head with no real structure.  The notes and mind maps have certainly helped me get over that.  I finally get tax! 
Laura Ryan
Chartered Accountants Ireland

I got my results today and I am delighted with them.   Without Claire's help and guidance I would not have been able to successfully tackle the advanced taxation paper.  Thanks to her help I was able to focus on the parts of the questions that mattered and not loose focus on what was important in the question.  This helped me finish the paper and not run out of time.

This has been a great boost to my confidence and made me less nervous about doing the exams.

I would highly recommend Tax Grinds to anyone who want to get high marks in their accountancy  exams.
Donald Hayden
Accounting Technicians Ireland

I got the results of my Tax exam this morning and I passed with flying colours.  Many thanks for all your help - thanks to you I was able to complete all the questions within the set time and would hazard a guess that I got as close to full marks as possible in question one. I am chuffed to have done so well.
Michael Quinlan
CPA (Certified Public Accountants)

I got my results this morning and I'm absolutely delighted to have finally passed.  I always struggled with tax in college and as a result tried to keep away from  the subject.  I never thought I'd take it as an option paper.  I attended a revision course with Claire for the December 2014 sitting and the revision classes and notes did wonders for my confidence in the P6 Advanced Tax course.  By attending Claire's tax course I began to feel like I was really getting the subject and actually began to enjoy studying it, her course completely changed my perspective of the subject.  Claire's knowledge, experience and encouragement got me through this exam even though when I first met Claire I was convinced that I was never going to get through the paper.  By attending her course it all changed. I would highly recommend her tax revision course to get through Advanced Tax. The time I spent studying with Claire made the difference between a close fail and my ACCA success story.
Marie Smith 2015
Marie Smith
P6 ACCA - Certified Accountants Exam

Of all the professional qualifications, Part III of the Irish Tax Institute exams have to be the most difficult exams to pass.  They had constantly gotten the better of me and suddenly it looked like I'd reached the end of the road - I was on my absolute last chance. No matter how much work I put in I only ever seemed to be marked in the mid 40s.  It was clear I couldn't properly answer the exam questions, I accepted that much, but  I felt I knew the manual backwards and had gone through all the past papers again and again so my tax knowledge was probably up to scratch.  I signed up for some tax grinds in Advanced Business Tax thinking I needed a bit of revision - It was only then that  I realised I never really understood the subject in the first place and because I wasn't 100% sure of what was going on I couldn't give the precise piece of legislation that related to the particular event.  The best bit about these grinds was the completely logical, common sense approach to reading the question and understanding what the examiner was looking for and then structuring the answer so you didn't leave anything out.  By starting with the wording used in the question you could then identify the event and once you had that information you could work out what tax dealt with the event, which piece of legislation governed it and what anti-avoidance or tax exemptions could be brought in.  This was the first time I ever looked at an event from start to finish and by finish I mean the filing of the appropriate return and the paying over of all the tax that could arise under the different tax heads.  I was glad I started my grinds early because it took a lot of practice to break all my bad habits and start planning and structuring my exam answer properly but all the hard work really paid off in the end.  Taking the time to learn how to write a well organised exam answer was the difference between passing and failing.  I passed and I know for sure that I couldn't have done it without the help and guidance I got from Tax Grinds.  It's hard to believe that if I hadn't sorted out my exam technique and really gotten to understand the taxes acts I could have failed my final attempt and all these years of hard work would have counted for nothing.    I'm delighted to write this testimonial as an Associate of the Irish Tax Institute / Chartered Tax Adviser because I know I genuinely got huge benefit from the grinds and I wouldn't be here without them.
Liam McGrath
C.T.A. Qualification (Irish Tax Institute)

I attended a weekend revision course and with little time to prepare for the exam I felt your two day course was instrumental in helping me pass - THANK YOU.
Aoife Byrne
A.C.A. (Chartered Accountants Ireland)

 I passed (59%) which is unbelievable since I never felt an exam could go so badly.  In hindsight I was much better prepared that I thought which is all down to the correcting service - it definitely made all the difference knowing my answers were on the right track.

Thank you so much for everything, this course was so worthwhile.
D. O'Neill

I discovered Tax Grinds on approach to my Final ATI exams, and was delighted at all aspects of their professional service.  From their prompt response to my initial out of hours enquiry, to their practical advice in the approach to my exams and the in-depth technical knowledge of all aspects of my syllabus.   After narrowly failing previously,  I was delighted with my exam results and would highly recommend Tax Grinds to anyone in the future. 
Marie, Dublin"
Accounting Technicians Ireland

I attended Claire's class for my August Exam for CPA professional 2.  I always liked tax however, it was always the hardest for me to pass.  It was my last attempt and the pressure was on but I knew the first day I attended  Claire's class that this was going to be the end of the study.   She presented us with a book of notes which covered everything that came up in the exam. After my exams, for the first time ever, I was quite confident that I had passed.  Having said that the morning of the results my doubts crept in.  However when I opened them I had not only passed but I had achieved a grade of 67 which to be fair was quite impressive for professional 2 exams. I cannot stress how good Claire's two day course was - she showed me how to approach the exam and how to understand what was being asked and more importantly how to structure my answer and the results proved it. I cannot thank Claire enough - she really is a natural. She just explains tax with great ease and makes it simple.  
Geraldine O'Sullivan MIATA
CPA (Certified Public Accountants)

I passed paper P.6 (Advanced Tax) after doing a weekend course with taxgrinds.ie.

The course was particularly useful for  share restructuring, groups, VAT on property and close companies which tend to be a bit tricky but which I understood going into the exam.

I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to pass this exam on a first sitting.
Caroline Murphy

I found the approach of this revision course excellent and straight to the point.  I definitely learned a lot and with the homework option was able to reinforce it all.  I admired the Tutor's tax knowledge; she really knew what she was talking about.  All the areas we concentrated on over the two days came up in the exam and thankfullly it all went my way.
David Collins
ACA - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I got great support from the Course Provider who really seemed to care that I passed this exam and got my qualification. This was the first time tax really made sense to me and when I sat my exams I found myself using the tax knowledge and examples I’d gained from having done the weekend course and not relying on  a list of rules I’d tried to memorize.  Thank you again for all your encouragement and for getting me through the ACCA exams.
Lisa Doyle

I'm so delighted I passed, thank you so much again:)

The two day course made all the difference in passing my final exam CPA Advanced Taxation.

The notes I got on the course were the notes I used in my exam. The main topics we covered on the course came up in the exam.  Claire definitely instilled confidence in me and made me believe I was going to pass my exam.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

You have no idea what it has meant to me to pass that exam.
Mairead Twohig

The 2 day course I attended most definitely made the difference and gave me the confidence to sit my final TAX paper with the knowledge that I was well prepared.  From the first to the last hour it was full on with excellent coverage on all of the main topics.  I would recommend Taxgrinds.ie to anyone doing Taxation exams. 
JP Vivier
P 2 Advanced Tax - CPA

The two day tax course helped me pass the advanced tax exam.  The notes were excellent and of huge benefit in the exam.  I would highly recommend this course and have done so  already.
David Brennan
A.C.A. - Chartered Accountants Ireland

I passed all four papers in one sitting and I couldn't have done it without all your help and guidance.  Thank you very much for all the extra notes and for helping me to understand the Taxes Consolidated Acts.
Noel Murphy
Irish Tax Institute

I just got the results of my last exam which was Advanced Tax and I passed!  This subject had constantly beaten me but after a weekend course with Tax Grinds my mindset changed and I started to look at tax from the point of view of the examiner.  The notes were a huge help in the exam and without them I don't think I'd have done so well.  They certainly gave me a lot of confidence going into the actual exam and helped me to focus on what was needed to pass this exam.  
John Butler

Got my results this morning and I passed.  I'm absolutely over the moon.  The notes and encouragement I got from the course certainly helped.  I was very impressed by the format of the teaching and the quality of the notes I got as part of the revision course which gave me a very different perspective to studying tax.  It really helped me prepare for this exam and write decent answers on the day.  Overall this learning experience was excellent.
Claire Kelly

I signed up for the CPA P2 two day revision course to ensure that I succeeded in passing my final exam.   The course not only reinforced my technical knowledge whilst teaching me exam technique but also simplified the tax implications from the company perspective.  The tutor demonstrated how and where extra marks could be achieved, which became very evident in my overall exam results.  The tutor has a passion for the subject which she passes onto her students.  Post revision support was also available up to the date of the exam.  I would highly recommend this revision course to anyone wishing to complete their studies.
Ita Hickey MIATI
P2 Paper (Advanced Tax) - Certified Public Accountants

I completed a weekend course just before my finals and even though I felt I was well prepared, the format of the training reinforced my tax knowledge and gave me the confidence to answer parts of questions I would otherwise have avoided.
Stephen Byrne
C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountants)

I got my results this morning and passed tax.  Thank you for all your help I couldn’t have done it without your help.
Aidan Kelly
Chartered Accountants Ireland

I did the two day revision course for the FAE Tax Elective which I have to say completely changed my approach to tax and to exams.  What is so different about this revision course is that it focuses on events in a company or individual's life such as starting up, expanding, restructuring, winding down, revenue audits, retiring, etc.  This was the first time I looked at how tax features in  every day situations and how one event can have so many tax implications for so many parties.  Up to now I looked at tax in individual sections but I didn't know how to put it all together.  The manual provided at this course was an excellent study guide in itself because it didn't just give answers to the questions it explained the thought process involved in arriving at those conclusions.  This examiners don't just want you to know tax rules they want you to know what to do with those tax rules and this course certainly makes you think.  I passed my exam and I know I wouldn't have done half as well without the help I got from this course.
John Dolan
Qualified Chartered Accountant

This testimonial is written in grateful appreciation for all the hard work that went into assisting me to pass my exams.  With limited study leave and a very broad syllabus, my time had to be carefully allocated to ensure sufficient sections were covered.  Contacting Tax  Grinds was perhaps my wisest decision because they immediately focused on the most time consuming areas which were understanding and discussing the Taxes Consolidated Acts.  They summarized and clarified the most examinable and complicated sections of legislation and provided me with examples that elucidated the Acts.  Rather than working from a pre-prepared script, they focused on what the individual really required to pass the exam and developed a plan which ultimately resulted in success for me.
John Fitzgerald
Irish Tax Institute

Because the Lecturers have careers in tax I think this makes for more interesting courses and more memorable examples.  The two day course sorted out a number of problem areas for me and prepared me to manage my time better during the exam.  All in all it was great value for money and did the trick for me.
Brendan O’Neill

I carried out research on all the different courses and then spoke to past participants before choosing this revision course.  All of the people I spoke to were enthusiastic about this course but the two day revision course well exceeded my expectations.

I believe the use of case studies was essential to the tax learning process.  In my mind it's not possible to pass this exam without working on lots of cases individually and in a group/classroom setting because you need to dig deep into the question to be able to identify the indicators. 

By the end of the two day course, we were all exhausted but the tax problems stopped overwhelming us because we now knew how to approach them.  The most surprising part of this course was the magnitude of the change in my approach to study and exams. 

I had a few a-ha moments - you know those moments when it all makes sense. 

Overall this course broadened my perspective in so many different areas and expanded my tax knowledge.

Mark Fitzpatrick

Grinds are not an area I would normally have related to college courses; in my mind they were the staple for Junior and Leaving Cert. That changed when I could not get over the hurdle of Advanced Taxation in the Accounting Technicians course.   This subject is by no means rocket science, but my job did not give me enough exposure to the core elements of the subject, which led to confusion at exam time.  Granted, exams are not my forte, but this one beat me repeatedly.  Then, as fortune would have it, I was introduced to Tax Grinds.  In a very short space of time, they were able to ascertain my abilities and my faults when it came to Advanced Taxation.  They then set about assuring me that I would pass, despite my previous best efforts not to do so!  The approach to me was simple, up to that point I had endured Advanced Taxation, rather than understood it.  Very quickly I began to see real progress. Tax started to click with me and I was more inclined to put in that extra effort.  My exam approach was also a problem. They gave me new techniques and also completely tightened my time management which was a huge issue.  Five weeks after I was introduced to Tax Grinds I sat the Advanced Taxation exam again.  My result this time was 68%, Subject Merit. I firmly believe that this would not have been the outcome if I had not gone to Tax Grinds.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this organisation and the outstanding work they deliver.  Tax is their forte; they might just help make it yours. Just bring willingness.
Ger Corbett
Accounting Technician Qualification

The location is very convenient and the weekend revision course was very well structured with all the main examination topics explained clearly. My exam technique was far more polished on the day and in the end the results reflected this.
Brian O’Brien

This was probably the best learning experience I’ve ever had. Not one minute is wasted. Unlike previous courses I attended there aren’t huge amounts of time spent staring at exam questions you can’t even attempt.  It’s all about how to maximize your time in the exam hall and get as many marks as possible from every exam question even if you can’t answer the whole question.  It has to be the best place to get affordable, professional tax grinds.
John McCarthy

Tax Grinds were invaluable in helping me succeed in my exams.

The notes were excellent and covered every topic in a concise and clear manner.

Complex tax issues were explained clearly and I felt confident going into the exam.

I would highly recommend Tax Grinds.
A.C.A. - FAE Tax Elective

Great Course!  Passed tax with marks to spare - thanks a million for everything.
John Flynn
Certified Public Accountants

After failing my final year Accounts Technician Advanced Taxation exam I felt at a loss as the repeat was only weeks away. I went to Tax Grinds which I found extremely helpful and motivating. They gave me great structure and understanding and really guided me on how to approach and answer the exam questions to get optimal marks.  They simplified the areas I was having trouble with.  I achieved a merit in the exam and I couldn’t have done it without their help, Thanks again.
Laura Sullivan
Accounts Technician

I got a B in Tax which I was delighted with and overall I was very happy with my results.  Thank you so much for all your help preparing me for my exams. You really built my confidence up for all exams not just tax and that definitely made a big difference in helping me get the results I wanted.
Jennifer Hewitt
B.A. in Accounting & Finance

I passed all four papers in one sitting – even the dreaded Audit, Ethics & Advice paper.  I can’t believe it and neither can my boss!  No more exams and a pay rise!  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks a million really, thanks for going that extra mile with the notes and exam tips.
Patrick Walsh

I'm delighted to say I passed with flying colours. This was definitely as a result of your excellent course especially the notes and the way you explained difficult areas of tax in such simple terms.  I couldn't recommend this course highly enough.
Martin Smith
A.C.A. - Chartered Accountants Ireland

As a final year Business student who had a significant interest in accounting and was considering going down that route after college, I decided to choose Taxation as a module for my second semester. From the beginning of the course I had difficulties understanding certain concepts and methods and knew I would need some help if I was going to pass the exam as I wasn’t getting the advice or attention I required in a college classroom. Closer to the exam, I decided to begin searching for someone who provided tax grinds. When I discovered Tax Grinds I was delighted and booked with them straight away. They were so friendly, professional and understanding from the start.  They took time to study my college syllabus and past exam papers and knew exactly what we needed to focus on in order for me to do well in my exam. They prepared sample exam questions and solutions and worked through them until I completely understood everything. To help me remember methods they would make the questions relatable so that they didn’t seem so daunting.  In the end, with their help, I passed my tax exam and graduated with a 2.1 degree overall. I couldn’t recommend the services enough and am confident that they could help anyone succeed. I am now far more confident not only in tax but in any exam situation.
Aisling O’Sullivan
B.A. in Business Studies

I passed tax! I'm absolutely delighted. I actually did better in tax than in audit in the end. I cannot thank you enough as I wouldn't have had a chance without your help!
Kevin Gallagher

I found this tax course very interesting, especially in the way it was put together. It brought all the tax elements into one, rather than all separate chapters. And only then did the whole tax course make sense to me. It's like something clicked. This made this course different to the other tax courses I did . It gave me clearer tax knowledge especially the way the questions were put together. I used to learn chapter by chapter and didn't see the whole picture . I would recommend this course to anyone doing tax exam. 
Joan Murnane
Advanced Tax - C.P.A.

I'm over the moon with my results so a huge big thank you for all your help getting me through these exams.  I always found tax hard but the more often I had to repeat this subject the worse I seemed to get.  It got to the stage that I was in danger of losing my job as well as flunking this qualification even my boss was giving me sympathetic looks.  Passing this exam has meant the world to me.  I feel I can just get on with the rest of my life.  Your course gave me the confidence to start really studying  and not just sitting over the books for hours in a state of terror.  For the first time ever I understood about Indicators and how to structure the exam question.  I am hugely indebted to you for getting me over this massive hurdle, really I can't thank you enough.
S. Bolger
A.C.A. (Chartered Accountants Ireland)


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