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Professional Exams 2018

Qualification: Chartered Accountants Ireland

Subject: FAE - Tax Elective (RoI)

Exam Date: 28th - 31st August 2018


Want to Pass your FAE Tax Elective in August 2018?

With a Pass rate of over 90% in the 2017 exams, we're confident we can help make that happen.

What does our Revision Course include?

We provide you with a two day intensive revision course which follows a flexible, interactive approach which includes a Home Assignment Correction Service.

Following our two day course, we provide you with a series of simulations/assignments to complete at home and then send to us for correction.  Your time is precious which is why we always return your corrected script along with a detailed feedback sheet within forty eight hours.   The feedback sheet identifies your strength areas and weaknesses, highlights what's letting you down and helps you make the necessary changes to your exam technique to ensure you pass in August.

In terms of the actual content of this course, we focus on the following:

1. VAT on Property

2. VAT outcomes of a change of ownership of a business

3. Methods of Cash Extraction

4. Revenue Audits, Investigations and Powers

5. Recent Developments in Tax

6. Double Taxation Treaties

7. Capital Taxes Planning including the main business & sectoral reliefs, territoriality provisions, specific valuation rules, offsets, etc.

8. Trusts & Estates

9. Reorganisations including Reconstructions & Amalgamations, Share Buy Backs, Transfer of a Business to a Limited Company

10. Groups and Consortia

11. Liquidations

12. Purchase and Sale of a Limited Company i.e Asset sale versus Share sale

Why is the home assignment element of this course so important?

If you've ever left the exam hall following the Mocks, Interim Assignment or the FAE Tax Elective exam convinced you'd done well and subsequently been disappointed by your results, this may mean one or all of the following:

1. you're not identifying or addressing the Indicators.

2. you're identifying the indicator but not going into enough detail in your answers to show a sufficient level of competency.

3. you're running out of time in the exam due to poor time management skills which means you're only achieving a nominal competency in your answers.

Even with the solution in front of you, it can often be difficult to work out what exactly let you down in the exam.   As a result, we will provide you with a number of previously unseen exam style questions which we will then correct for you.  


We will be running this two full day tax revision course on the following dates:

  1. Saturday 23rd June and Sunday 24th June 2018
  2. Saturday 7th July and Sunday 8th July 2018 - FULLY BOOKED
  3. Saturday 14th July and Sunday 15th July 2018 - FULLY BOOKED
  4. Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd July 2018 
  5. Saturday 28th July and Sunday 29th July 2018


Timetables are provisional and subject to change.

Courses will only run subject to demand.

Payment in full is required to confirm booking.

Course Cost:


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